Just What the Doctor Ordered

It has been a tough few years in the world of parenting & for those who know me, you'll have seen that at times I have needed a 'time-out'.

Parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum is really challenging & despite the repetition, each day is different & unpredictable. We have battled with a diagnosis, strategies to help us cope & a way into our little boy's secret world.

This week he turned 5 & started school. There has been a HUGE build up to this....do we wait until he's 6? How will he fit in? How will he communicate? How will the class teacher treat him & is he entitled to a teacher aide?

With hours of meetings, discussions & therapy we were tired & lacked any motivation; so a couple of weeks ago we dropped everything & headed to the Gold Coast for a week. It was 'just what the doctor ordered' & definitely helped us to appreciate each other again. Fighting the system is knackering!!

We saw whales, sunrises, dolphins & sky scrapers. Played with white sand,  ate ice-cream, piggy-backed through the night markets & bowled over pins in super cool bowling shoes (in every size!).

Upon our return, my mission was to create a 'James' cake (from the Thomas the Tank Engine series). The previous year I'd made a 'Gordon' cake (Gordon is a number 4 engine, thus making it appropriate for a 4 year old, & James is number 5....you get the picture) & a late night of icing with the fire blazing had helped to morph some important features into a wet mess.....I was nervous that we'd have another melter. So the number 5 engine was tackled without a fire, in daylight hours & met with glee from a very happy 5 year old, phew!

Will Blog.jpg

We are nearly a week into school & so far so good! Everyone keeps reminding me of 'the honeymoon period'.....I wonder what they could mean?!